International Isshin~ryu Karate Association

Michael Taylor

  • Rank: Go-Dan
  • Began Isshin-ryu: 1972
  • Instructed By: Norbert Donnelly, Jerry Smith
  • Primary Dojo Location: Middlesboro, Kentucky
  • Notable Awards: Appointed to the International Isshin-ryu Karate Association Advisory Board 2009, Isshin-ryu Hall of Fame nominee for Instructor of the Year and Dojo of the Year 2009, Isshin-ryu Hall of Fame nominee for Outstanding Karate-Ka of the Year 1997, Inducted into the World Karate Union Hall of Fame as Instructor of the Year/Isshin-ryu 1999, Inducted into the World Head of Fame Sokeship Council Hall of Fame for Outstanding Contribution of the Year 1997, Member of the United Isshin-ryu Council, Editor, The Isshin-ryu System, Copyright 1997, by Norbert Donnelly; Editor, Seisan Kata, Copyright 1998, by Norbert Donnelly; Editor, Isshin-ryu Kusanku Kata: Secrets Revealed, Copyright 1999, by Javier Martinez; The Use of Force and the Law, Copyright 1997; On-camera participant, The Isshin-ryu System: Kata Video Series, Copyright 1998, by Norbert Donnelly
  • Educational Background: Juris Doctor, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky 1988; Bachelor of Arts, History & Government, Cum Laude, Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, Kentucky 1977-1981; Diploma, Bell County High School, Pineville, Kentucky 1977
  • Professional History: Michael Taylor Law Offices