International Isshin~ryu Karate Association

Carol Burris

  • Rank: Shichi-Dan
  • Began Isshin-ryu: 1976
  • Instructed By: J.C. Burris
  • Primary Dojo Location: Athens, TN
  • Notable Awards: Founded Ladies of Isshin-ryu. Appointed to I.I.K.A. Board of Directors in 1989. Inducted into the World Head of Family Sokeship Council International Martial Arts Hall of receiving Fame Female Pioneer Award 1996. First female inducted into the Isshin-ryu Hall of Fame 1998. First female to receive an I.I.K.A. Red/White Belt. Received Isshin-ryu Hall of Fame Instructor of The Year award 1998. I.I.K.A. Nationals 1st in Kata/1st in Kumite 1978. Battle of Atlanta 1st in Kata. Battle of Nashville 1st in Kata/1st in Kumite. Accumulated over 200 First and Second Place awards for Kata and Kumite while in competition.
  • Educational Background: Tennessee Wesleyan College B.A., Lincoln Memorial University M.S., Lincoln Memorial University Ed.S
  • Spouse: J.C. Burris
  • Children: Lindy Burris and Andy Burris
  • Professional History: School Counselor