International Isshin~ryu Karate Association

Donald Bordinger

  • Rank: Hachi-Dan (8th Degree Black Belt)
  • Began Isshin-ryu: 1965
  • Instructed By: Grand Master Harold Long
  • Primary Dojo Location: Knoxville, TN (Retired) Notable Awards: University of Tennessee National Championship Football Teams 1950 & 1951, Oak Ridge Sports Hall of Fame 1985, Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame 1998, Induction into Isshin-ryu Hall of Fame (IHOF) 2007
  • Educational Background: Williamsport High School, University of Tennessee B.S. 1952, University of Tennessee M.S. 1953, University of Tennessee M.S. + 45 1963, advanced study: University of Tennessee 62 quarter hours, University of La Verne, CA 9 quarter hours
  • Children: Larry Bordinger, Michelle Jackson
  • Grandchildren: Two
  • Professional History: National Marketing Alliance National General Agent 1984, Network 2000 District Director 1989, T.V.C. Marketing Executive Sales Coordinator for East Tennessee 1987, Pre- Paid Legal Area Director 1984, Business owner, Oak Ridge High School Principal 1973–1983, Executive Vice Principal 1971–1973, Vice Principal 1968–1971, Coach/teacher 1955–1968, Educator Training Center Long Beach, CA Consultant 1976–1984, College Board Princeton, NJ Consultant 1976-1984
  • Military History: United States Marine Corps