International Isshin~ryu Karate Association

Sandra Strong

  • Rank: Shichi-Dan
  • Began Isshin-ryu: Janurary 1980
  • Instructed By: Phil McElroy, Jim McDonald, David Gabbard, Trice Fasig, Roy Vaughn, Jimbo Butler, Denny Shaffer, Butch Hill
  • Primary Dojo Location: Nashville and Lebanon, TN Dojos
  • Notable Awards: Induction into Isshin-ryu Hall of Fame (IHOF) 2003, Isshin-ryu Hall of Fame Female Instructor of The Year 1998, Isshin-ryu Hall of Fame Female Karate-Ka of The Year 1987, retired in 1998 as undefeated Isshin- Ryu Hall of Fame Ladies Kumite Grand Champion, appointed to I.I.K.A. Board of Directors in 1999, ISKA Tennessee Women’s Light Weight Full Contact Champion 1990, World Sokeship Council Fighter of The Year 1995, inducted into the World Karate Union Hall of Fame as the Regional Female Competitor of The year 1997, I.I.K.A. Point Circuit Kumite Champion 1997 & 1998, AOKA Hall of Fame Competitor of The Year 1997, AOKA Kumite Grand Champion 1997–2000 (no tournaments in 2001 or 2002), 21st Battle of Atlanta--3rd Place in 1990, 2004 AOKA, Inc. All Time Women’s Fighting Champion Award, 2005 AOKA, Inc. 5 Member Team Overall Winners-Ladies Team Fighting, 2006 AOKA, Inc. 5 Member Team Overall Winners-Ladies Team Fighting
  • Educational Background: Nashville State Technical Institute
  • Spouse: Glenn
  • Children: Two Boys
  • Professional History: Target Stores---January 1984 to present