International Isshin~ryu Karate Association

Ladies of Isshin-ryu

The Ladies of Isshin-ryu was organized by Carol Burris in 1994 for the purpose of encouraging ladies to be more involved in karate and to realize that they too could hold positions of leadership within the Isshin-ryu Karate system.

The organization holds an annual meeting and workout so that female Karate-Ka of all ranks can meet with other female practitioners throughout the United States. Through the years, various instruction has been provided: kata performance, delivery of technique, stances, competition preparedness, bunkai techniques, correct body positioning, self defense techniques, and many others. This is an event for ladies, led by ladies, that results in benefit for the entire dojo.

As the event continues to grow in numbers and excitement, our pledge as Isshin-ryu Karate practitioners remains the same: We will strive to continue spreading the philosophy of our founder, Master Tatsuo Shimabuku, "the way of one heart."



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